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Sooo...I went to the doctor again today, even though I REALLY didn't want to. And it made it even worse that Mike couldn't come with me. :(

Anyways, so I went through some more tests today so that they could determine how many babies and what gender they will be. It was...a strange process, to say the least. And I HATE nedles with a fiery passion that burns like a thousand suns.

But it was wrth it, because i found out that I am having FIVE BABIES O.O. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU

It seems very little compared to Ned and Sally's accomplishments, but my goodness! That seems like quiet a bit! 3 of them are to be girls and two are to be boys. One pair is going to be twins but for whatever reason, they can;t determine if it will be girl or boy twins.

Still, its really all too exciting. Just to think that this summer, Mike and I will be parenting 5 beautiful children. It makes me so happy just to think abut it. :D

I better go...I'm taking mike out to dinner and telling him of the news then. See you guys later!


PS, Sally, I would love to have dinner with you sometime. When is best?

((ooc: Happy B-day Dr. Seuss! :D))


 So, I guess you all heard the news from Mike's journal...

I am totally, as Gertrude put it, "pregtastic." xD

This is really an exciting thing for me and Mike. Everyone I met today as I delivered mail congratulated me. (geez Mike, did you tell ALL OF WHOVILLE? xD)

So much preperation is going to be needed. It's so weird...and so sudden...and I really want to know how many I'm going to have. I was an only child and Mike had like 6 brothers and sisters, and then look at Ned's family! O.O Th possibilities are endless.

I called my mom today t tell her the news and she grew ecstatic. She insists that she come over and talk to me about..."pregnant stuff", whatever that means. She even talked about her thoughts on possibly moving to Whoville, which is great! (though, I know I'm not the only reason why she would move *winks at Mr. Grinch*

So yeah...I had a good day...

A really, surprisingly GREAT day :D


Back From Boola-Boom Ball

 Hey everyone! Mike and I are back from our honeymoon! 

First of all, thanks to everyone for helping to make are wedding such a fun and memorable time. Thanks to the ClooginFarFloogins for performing for us and thanks to Mrs. McGillicuddy for the AMAZING chocolate wedding cake. I loved the taste and it was so tall! And the tiny figures of Mike and I on top were so great...and I LOVED how they were made our of chocolate. Thanks so much...I'll need to borrow that recipe from you :D

Also, thanks to all our friends, the McDodd's, the Vonfrood's, the Lou-Who's, Annette, Dr. Larue, Mr. Grinch, Max and my mother and Mike's father and the citizens of Whoville for helping out and making our wedding perfect. Thanks to Ned for being our bet man and Sally for being the maid of honor. And of course, thanks to Huggy for being our adorable flower girl <3

Also, a super BIG thanks for Getrude, Morton jr. , Horton, Morton, Kangaroo and the people of Nool for sending us they're good thoughts. Thanks you guys. You rock!

Boola Boom Ball was so much fun. It made me so happy to see all my old friends and to introduce them to my husband...heh heh. And I got to spend a LOT of time with Mike...*sigh* It was a great fun time :D

So yeah, now Mike and I are living together. We connected our house together and we now live in this one BIG house, which is great so, we still live in the same area, and everyone is welcome to visit anytime.

Now, I go back to work and Mike needs to go back to teaching, but it feels so much different now, mainly because I know that as soon as I get home, someone is there waiting for me, with open arms. :D

We will STILL come over and babysit you guys whenever you need us to. I have too much fun doing that and I could never give that up.

Phew! Im going to end this entry now...I'm a bit tired and a  little queasy for whatever reason...I'll talk to you guys later!


(ooc: Queasy eh? Hmmm...I wonder why....XD)

Stress, Stress, Stress galore!

 Oh my goodness, things have been so stressful for me and everyone these past couple of days. The Post Office really has me and Mr. Lou-Who running rampant across town, and it doesn't help that we have like 5 Who's working the whole town, while like 3 stay to sort and keep watch over the office. My legs have been so sore from cycling around so much. I have blisters and paper cuts all over my hands. Darn junk mail.

Not only that, but Mike and I are going crazy planning our wedding, which is in about a month. AH! It's so exciting how close we are to married bliss, but SO much work is going to be needed before we get to the best part. I don't understand why women enjoy planning weddings so much, it's such a pain in the neck. Luckily, my mom, with better taste in fashion (sort of) had been helping me pick color themes and what not. She'll be coming to visit next week to help me pick out my dress. That should be exciting! Oh and she'll be visiting the Grinch as well...Enough said. XD

I'm thinking about helping wit Whoville's High's production of "Little Shop of Whorrors." Mike's helping with preparing/composing music and told me they needed some extra tech who's to help around. i figure helping out would be fun, and I love working on plays. Back in the good old days, I played Janet in my High School's play version of "Rocky Whorror Picture Show." I remember Mike telling me he was a techie for that play...funny how I didn't even know him them. Apparently he worked on the play because he had a crush on me since before we met in High School. How sweet <3

I'm really worried about Ned and Sally. They're in the Outskirts still and haven't been back for a while. I've been helping them watch the kids every now and then with the kids uncle. They're all really worried. I'm really tempted to go and try to find/help them, but after last time, I know I shouldn't Plus, Mike would have a heart-attack if i did.

I best be off...sleep is needed...5 hours of it should be enough hopefully.

If you guys need anything, do not hesistate to ask!



 Whoa...it's been a while has it not? I'm sorry for not updating for quiet a while...been busy at the post office, not to mention with the wedding preperations. :)

I've been babysitting still over at at the McDodd household still and apparently Jojo has finally returned! I know everyone's been so worried, so this is a big relief to everyone, I'm sure. I still haven't met Jojo yet, so yeah...but Mike tells me he's an intelligent kid, and I don't doubt that at all.

Well, i better be on my way. If I've missed anything, just please let me know. See you all soon!


((ooc: So sorry for the lack of updates! if I missed anything, please let me know! With college and all, it didn't leave me too much time to update, but now it feels good to be doing this again :) -Kim))



Well, it seems as though many things have been going with all of us this week. Mail-runs have been busier than ever, and I worry everyday that Lou (Cindy's dad) is going to fall over from so much stress. Luckily, Ms. Betty Lou (Cindy's mom) came over during our lunch break and gave Lou a hot home-cooked meal. *sigh* They're so cute together...

Speaking of lovey-dovey stuff, the wedding has been set to be on December 25th, Christmas. YAY! It will be at night, so that way, after the wedding, we can enjoy the traditional roast beast meal together. I believe we may be doing it at the park garden, since it's so lovely over there in wintertime.

Mike's father, who's also a member of the marching band (like father, like son, eh?) wants to sing at our wedding. How great is that? I got to meet him today, and he told me how much Mike always talked about me during our High school years. Mike's face was the brightest shade of red I've ever seen. *snicker*

Oh, and a letter from my mother arrived for the Grinch today! It smelled like a mix of cheese and sweet perfume....I don't want to know...

So, I was chosen to go deliver it to him, and Cindy showed me a fun way to get up to Mt. Crumpit faster. You guys know those garbage dumps with the "Dump It to Crumpit" signs right? Well, I went inside one and It was like riding a rollercoaster! It was sooo much fun! The landing was a bit rough, and I did smell like garbage afterwards, but it was fun nonetheless. The Grinch complimented on my "perfume" today...I smelled like garbage! But...I guess I shouldn't be surpised that he like it :)

When I gave him the letter, he read some of it to himself and his eyes got kinda wide and I think he blushed...which amazes me, especially with that green fur. So, I left him to his letter and slid my way back to the post office.

Well, I better go...I am in desperate need of a bath


So Long, Farewell!

Well, my mother has finally left. These past few days have been really crazy with her around, but I will miss her.

She said goodbye, like a million times while Mike and I walked her to the bus station. She gave us tons of hugs and waved to us goodbye as her bus pulled away. I've never seen my mom so happy...I think I know why....don't you, Cindy-Lou? *looks at her suspiciously*

And as I'm sure you all know (I mean, he DID do it in front of all the citizens of Whoville)...Mike proposed to me and now...we're engaged *blush* I'm telling you, it's hard to focus on things when you know that you'll soon be getting married to a guy you really love...*sigh*

Well...I better get back to work...I don't want to slack off too much...


Apology and Confession

Well…it’s hard to believe I’m going to do this…

This is Martha May Whovier-McQuinn speaking, or should I say writing. I am in the hospital right now, because my only daughter suffered a stress attack of some sort and is now unconscious…

I know I come off as a horrible person, but I don’t mean to be. I just have a lot of anger welled up inside for some many years, that I take it out on others, giving me the bitchy appearance.

Corny, no?

Well…I feel awful about how I treated my daughter…I…*sniff* When I saw her fall to the ground like that…everything in me didn’t matter anymore…everything around me went in slow motion and…my life somewhat flashed before my eyes…

Then, as we waited in the hospital…I realize…why I don’t agree with the Grinch all the time…

Because I missed him...

Hang on to the tissue boxes ladies and gentleman…because this is going to be really hard for me to admit…

So…around the time when we were 10, Christmas was coming and Mr. Grinch and I got along fine. Rumors spread in class of him liking me and…I admit, I did return his feelings, but I never admitted to it. I liked him because he was different from the other boys…VERY different in fact. I like different :)

So…the next day, as we are exchanging gifts, he hands me this beautiful, hand-crafted Christmas ornament topper. But before I could say thank you, Edward McDodd, (Ned McDodd’s father by the way), began to make fun of it, and the class, even the teacher, started laughing. This made the Grinch so mad, that he threw a tantrum, threw the Christmas tree at the class (what muscle…er *cough*) and ran off…

I could hardly bare it all…they treated him so badly…I even went and pushed Edward McDodd off the monkey bars for that…

Then the next day, he didn’t come to class. Everyone said he ran away from Whoville and is now living in Mt.Crumpit by himself. I couldn’t believe it.

In fact, I wouldn’t believe it.

I hoped and prayed he would come back…so that I could tell him how I felt…and so, I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

Until my waiting led me to crave attention and then…at the tender age of 17, Midge was born.

Sure…the man who got me pregnant only stayed because I was stinking wealthy (he got no money out of it anyway. That’s a pre-nup for you darlings) but…Midge was the best thing that happened to me…she filled up the broken part of me when the Grinch left and I loved her so much…I guess I ended up wanting the best and making my standards too high for her…

Then, as soon as she graduated High School…she left to pursue her dreams…I know I said I didn’t like her traveling, but that was a lie. I only said that because…I didn’t want her to leave…

But she did…and again, I waited…I was all by myself…and I really didn’t do much, except model, shop, eat and sleep. Maybe that’s why I act like a stuck up bitch..

And then the Christmas incident…everyone was so ready to forgive the Grinch. He even came up to me and apologized for leaving. At that moment, half of me wanted to hug and kiss him, while the other half, wanted to yell and tell him I never wanted to see him again…

My anger got the better of me…unfortunately.

5 more years pass, and here I am…being told by young girl that I should stop acting like a baby and “kiss and make-up”.

She’s right…

But…I-I-I…Mr. Grinch, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t accept your proposal!

But I do have something incredibly important to say, so don’t stop reading just yet…

I’m sorry for everything...I screwed everything up, and it’s my fault your so bitter, and I’m the reason why my daughter is unconscious…

My feelings for you are still the same…I do…ll-l-love you, but…marriage? It’s a pretty big step…a step that I need to take my daughter into consideration…

I would have said yes but…oh, I don’t know...I’m so confused…

And now you’re gone…you ran off, and yet again, it’s my fault…

If I could ever see you again, I hope you will accept my apology…I understand if you don’t…but please know that…

I waited for you…

I’m sorry I yelled…I guess I got impatient…Hopefully when you come back, you’ll here me out…though, I’m willing to wait again…

For you…

Warm Regards,

-Martha-May Whovier

PS, to Mike: Thank you for your kindness and support…if you do give Midge that present and she says yes…you have my blessings.

PPS, Grinch, I still have that necklace…I never go out without it. And I have the Christmas Topper…doesn’t that tell you anything?


((ooc: sorry for the crappy icon...I am currently working on a study of Martha-May, and I'm coloring it on Open Canvas...never realized how long it would take XD))

Sick And Tired

Hmmph…well, as you can see from Cindy’s journal, everything went just peachy yesterday…

I know many of you are worried about us…but don’t be. I’m more worried about the Grinch and my mother. My mother is wondering the house, either yelling to herself or crying, saying things like ‘I’m stupid” and “I missed him…” and weird things like that. It’s confusing me and she’s also knocking over plates and vases with her constant pacing.

When the Grinch and my mother bumped into each other...I never saw my mother look more surprised...or go more red in the face...

I'm so confused...

 Cindy…please don’t blame yourself…you did nothing wrong…you were merely trying to protect your friend. Please don't beat yourself up dear.

Stupid Mike…if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be having all this drama…why the hell did he have the Grinch come pick up Max!? Ugh! You really screwed up Mike! AND THEN YOU COME IN AND ALL OF A SUDDEN ASK WHAT'S WRONG? YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT HAPPENED YOU STUPID...YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES YOU CAN BE A REAL…hmph!

I’m so sick and tired…I haven’t slept, I have a huge headache and I feel cold… and dizzy...

I-I…I n-n-need to sit down…



WHY? *bangs head against the wall* WHY? WHY? WHY?

You remember when I told you my mother was coming to visit on Monday right?

Well…funny thing actually…


Ahem…Let’s begin my distressing little tale:

So, I came home from work, and plopped myself down on the couch. You know…to relax and think of ways to hopefully impress my mother. Well, suddenly I hear a doorbell, and I think it to be either Mike or possibly Cindy popping in for a friendly Who hello. I go to answer the door and…there she is…in a fashion designer blue coat and far too much make-up.

I just couldn’t believe it. My mouth was open from shock. My mother than allowed herself in and said “Is that anyway to treat your mother?”. I of course, wished I could talk back, but…I didn’t want to start fighting with her on the 1st day…so I greeted her and showed her to her room, which she says is just “adequate”…. *grumble*

Then, she plops herself down on MY couch…and begins talking to me about how she’s missed, how I should change my look, how traveling increases Who’s chances for wrinkles (what?) and about this new modeling gig she has. OH…and did I neglect to mention that my mother is a model? Yes…unfortunately for me, she’s been doing that all my life, and she models for pretty much anything…she even did a swimsuit issue for…blech…PlayWho when I was 10 (traumatized me for life…some of the boys in my class had a copy)…I hate to say it, but my mother likes to “flaunt” her “stuff” a lot…Such…a…fucking…tease…

So, I then was about to call it a night (it was only 7:00 and I already had enough of her “suggestions”), another doorbell was heard. I go to answer it and there’s Mike…with a bouquet of flowers for me…just because :)

Of course the gesture was nice, but he came at the worst possible time…and then…my mother came in and asked me who he was. I caved and told her of me and Mike’s relationship.

She listened…and then Mike told her what he did for a living. She was interested that he helps with the “Edible Parade” and that he was the leader of the Who Marching Band, but she was not too interested in his other job, which is teaching Music at Who High (“Don’t Teachers make little money?” she asks…Grrr…). Mike then began asking my mother questions about her job, how she was, etc. Now that was a good play on his part because my mother absolutely LOVED answering those questions. Then, he gave me the flowers (poor dears were in need of water) and kissed me before he left.

My mother gave me a “look’ and then said, “He seems alright. I give him an 8 out of 10. Nicely done Midge…you bagged a good one.”

Okay…so it was somewhat rude, but at least my mother liked Mike…*sigh of relief*

That’s when my mother then says…”Midgey (yes...that's my nickname)…you need a new look…can I please fix your hair?”

My mom is such a girly-girl…she ALWAYS wanted to do my hair and make-up as a teen, and I hated it…and for whatever reason…I said “fine…”

So I endured 2 HOURS of my mother’s invasion on my hair and face and when she was done, she then (WITHOUT asking, mind you) pulled something out of her bag and stuffed me into this weird sequined yellow dress. I looked into the mirror and thought…

“I look like a Whowhore…”

Seriously…who WEARS that much make-up and who even wears their hair in that strange 80’s do that she did? I pretended to like it, just so my mother would leave me alone and go to her room to look at magazines she used to work for and “reminisce”.

Seriously guys…I don’t know HOW I’m going to live these next few days…she treats me like such a child, and yet I allow her to…and I don’t know WHY. If things get worse…I may just go off on my mother…but, I must remain calm. After all, she did care for me after my father left.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am in need of a bath…All this make up and this revealing dress is making me feel absolutely dirty…