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Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Midge McQuinn Who's Journal!

3 January
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My name is Midge McQuinn and boy, does it feel good to be back in Whoville. It's been 15 years since I was here last...geez...I hope no one thought I was dead or anything...

I left Whoville after my Who High School graduation in search of a land called "Solla Sollew". I'm a firm believer of this mythical city “where they never had troubles, at least very few”. No one believed it existed, but I found it!HA! Take THAT non-believers!

Before I left Whoville, I attended High School with my buddy, Ned, who is probably the Mayor now...
For 15 years, I lived in a city called Boola-Boom Ball, “where they never have troubles, no troubles at all.” It was great there, but I missed Whoville, so I came back and then everyone starts telling me about the "Horton" Incident. So...we live on a speck eh? Who knew!

Oh! And I play the accordian! Yep! My friend, Music teacher of Who High and Composer/Conductor of the Whoville Marching Band, Mike McLennan taught me back in our high school years. he's a sweet guy.


(roleplyed by ZombieQueen16 (devart: Ragdollcorpse)